About me

 I obtained my Ph.D. in Philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, Italy) and I am presently Visiting Researcher at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). My areas of specialization include philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, and philosophy of science. My areas of interest and competence include philosophy of logic, history of analytic philosophy, and metaphysics.

My research is presently focusing on mathematical modeling and representation in science, and on the applicability of mathematics to science. The objective of this research is to offer a general account for mathematical models which could make sense of all the different roles that these models play in the scientific practice, with a special emphasis on their representative and heuristic role.

In my spare time I enjoy chess playing, free climbing, hiking, bass guitar playing, painting, and photography.

This web page is a collection of informations about my work, research, and interests. For more on my research and publications, please have a look here. You can find an updated version of my CV at this page. This website also hosts a blog, in which I publish posts on topics and ideas in philosophy, physics, mathematics, and other. Click here if you want to explore it. Comments are very welcome (but subject to moderation).